About Osadia – English

Osadia is a street theatre company formed in Barcelona, Spain in 1996 by artist Alex Rendon featuring hair art.

Artistic hairdressers, street theatre performers, hairdressing show, art and hairdressing combination, hair sculptures? Osadia is all of that and much more.The company Osadia offers an original and provocative exhibition of hair art with the active participation of the audience, who are seduced by the theatrical appearance of the performers and the sophisticated, imaginative nature of the hairdressing show.

Crowds gather around and remain glued to the artistic hairdressers performance onstage, either through curiosity and a sense of wonder, or motivated by a desire to participate. Volunteers freely allow the artists to create daring and evocative makeovers, to the delight and awe of the onlookers. The Osadia audience are amazed by the transformed characters that descend from the chair. Osadia’s transformations extend to the new way the volunteers act after the performance, for now they are the centre of attention and continue to be so throughout the day, provoking admiration. Their artistic hairdos will be photographed wherever they go.

And so, these ephemeral creatures ensure the show continues,zacting as a visual reminder of the performance.

Osadia’s transformations can take place in street theatre festivals, public squares, parks, festival grounds, on the street, at indoor events or at shopping centres.

Osadia offers an original, memorable show. Their hair sculptures performance creates a cult following and is sure to be the highlight of any festival or event.

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