Technical Requirements


  • 2 vintage barber’s chairs
  • 2 people to help on the set, three and a half hours before the show to set up the stage and place the chairs
  • The stage should be erected in a place where there is minimum wind exposure
  • The stage is best placed in an area with 360o vision. If not possible it should be against a backdrop with maximum viewing area in front of the stage
  • Stage 4m x 4m, 30-40cm high.
  • Staircase leading to the centre of the stage
  • Stage cover if probability of rain
  • Two utility tables of approx. 80 x 80 x 80 cm
  • Well conditioned dressing room (good lighting, mirror and toilet) near the performance area
  • 4000 W electricity supply with cable extensions and 4 two-pin European plugs at the base of the barber’s chairs
  • 2 light towers with minimum 8 lights – (rocket)
  • Close white spot lighting to illuminate 1.5 m. Around each chair.
  • Light is essential if the performance time is during 6 pm onwards or before, depending on natural light conditions
  • P.A. – 2000 W, USB connection for MP3 player
  • 1 technician from the organization for assistance and security before and during the show. If necessary, additional staff for security
  • Confirmation of the barber’s chair model at least 15 days before the show

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